Rainbow Family

Here I’m telling you a short story of Alice…


Alice, a pretty 7 years old little girl, loves rainbow. She loves it more than she loves stars, sun or the moon that accompany her all night long. Alice loves rainbow because after hard rain, from the light of Mr. Sun, rainbow appears with beautiful colors. So that Alice knows, life’s not yet come to an end after storm. Alice loves rainbow because it smiles and reminds her that she’s not really alone.

Then Alice pray to God with all her hearts and her will, she wants to shake hand with Mr. Rainbow up there on the sky. Everyday in a week, Alice prays before she goes to sleep. But God hasn’t answered yet. Rainbow appears, and Alice still on the ground looking up high to see.

For months Alice still pray and never give up her willing to see rainbow face to face. And finally God was touched. One day Alice was asleep at night after pray, like usual. She finds herself waking up covered in a light, so bright. Alice walked around and got tired so she sits on the surface of something warm and smooth. Alice take a little piece of what she sits on with her hand, it’s a cloud!

Just right after Alice screamed out loud when she realized she’s in the sky, a voice calling up her name.

“Hi, Alice! I’m Mr. Rainbow, I’ve heard that you’ve been wanting to see me for so long.”

“Yes! I want to see Mr. Rainbow, I want to see you and shake your hand, saying thank you for keeping me positive in every storm and hard rain for all this time.” Alice speaks while her eyes sweeping the whole place that’s covered in white, no one’s there but herself, yet the voice reply again.

“So here I am. Let’s shake hand,” said Mr. Rainbow.

“Where are you? Come out, please. I want to see from a close distance, how beautiful you are,” said Alice with a sad frustrated voice.

“I’m here! You barely can see me, cause I’m all white and transparent-like,” the voice continue.

“No way… You’re so beautiful with so many colors. I want to see you… Please, Mr. Rainbow.” Alice looks down, her tears started to fall.

“Dear, dear, Alice. I have no shape. I exist from the sun light that hits the water grain from previous rain. The refraction that bear all those colors,” Mr. Rainbow explains.

“I don’t understand. You look so beautiful from where I came,” said Alice again.

“I am. Indeed. And I will always look that beautiful from afar. But from a close distance, you will only see me this white.”

Alice wants to continue the talks, but she got disappointed already. She stops asking and sits again. Then in one blink, Alice opened her eyes and find herself back on her bed with pajamas on.

Alice got confused of what just happened. Is it a dream? Or is it for real? Alice then finds the answer. It’s morning already, she has to pack herself and get ready for school. She gets up from her bed and open the curtain, there’s rainbow up there. She remember last night was raining.

Alice smiles and welcome a new day with a new spirit. Her pray has been answered. And Mr. Rainbow keeps his promise by still look that beautiful on this morning. Alice pretty sure, he will still, look that beautiful for now and ever.


This story, which I made by myself, comes after a deep thoughtful thinking of a matter, a very common matter that, I bet, every human being has to go through in life.

I grew up apart from my family. My father and brothers, especially. I used to following my mother wherever she goes according to her works. Started when I was 8 years old until I was 12, I lived around the country, and across the globe. When it comes to Junior High School ’till High School periods, I literally lived alone with a maid at home. My father only home for 3 days in a week, my brothers lived in another house in a different city, and my mother still worked in a  different province of mine. After finished my high school, I moved to Jogja and started college life, alone, for more 2,5 years. So practically, I’ve been apart from my family for most of my years of living.

When I turned 20, I have to go home and stayed in one house, with the complete members of my whole family. Father, mother, and brothers. I lived with them for two years, until I left home on the last February.

Let me tell you something about this kind of living experience. I used to think that my family are the coolest on earth. But when I have to live with them under the same roof, I have to say that 2 years felt so long and hard. I saw and have to tolerate my brothers’ bad habit and attitude, and even their weakness. It’s hard to accept that, cause for years, when we were apart, it’s the good side of them that I used to see. Not that I didn’t really know, but turns out it was harder to face it every single day. And so were father and mother. I have to accept that they’re more not perfect than the concept of nobody is perfect. There, I begin to lost my faith of how cool my family was.

Let’s skip the long story and make it fast, shall we? Being away from home for 3 months, after 2 years of living together, makes me think a lot. I came to a realization that I translate into a not so good story above.

Now back to our short story, and nearly come to a conclusion, rainbow is the thing that keeps your smile after a hard rain. It gives you warm light after the storm. And that’s what family do, keep you accompanied. They might not always be there every day or every night, but you know they”ll always be there when the the world is not too friendly.

Maybe just like a rainbow, it takes distance to see how cool is and how you need, your family. Maybe by being too close, you can’t see anything but the very bright lights that burning your eyes. Maybe, others from outside the circle can see what you can’t for being inside it. And maybe, what you have to do is, go away, find your place, and look up to them, then maybe one day, you’ll say to yourself,

it’s beautiful, and it will always be.


Jakarta, 22 Mei 2011


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